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A world of opportunities

We get people in touch. In the real world. In real-time. Trouble-free. Always a perfect match.

Our Product, the beQ - SaaS

  • Communication beQ users with Companies
  • Indoor Navigation 4.0
  • Find your way around buildings Quickly and Safely
  • Networking with people around
  • Security Management Tool
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We believe that every encounter has the potential to change our lives. A simple idea – and a solution that everbody needs. Developed in Europe. Made for the world.

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Gerhard Fröse

Gerhard Fröse

Founder | President
Alexander M. Fröse

Alexander M. Fröse

Marketing | Business Development US
Andreas Eichenauer

Andreas Eichenauer

Sales Manager
Bernhard Holzer

Bernhard Holzer

Advisor Management
IT Analytics & Conception

Kiryl Pukshta

IT Analytics & Conception
Andreas Fink

Igor Kostyukovsky

IT Development

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