A world of opportunities

We bring people together through a new way of interconnnecting. In the real world. In real-time. Trouble-free. Always a perfect match. Because we believe that every encounter has the potential to change our lives. A simple idea – and a solution that everyone needs. Developed in Europe. Made for the world.

Every day, we encounter hundreds of interesting people. They sit next to us on the train, they stand behind us in the queue at the supermarket, or they are at the next booth at a big trade fair. We just have to say something to start a conversation. But we don’t! And that’s a world of opportunities that passes us by, unused.

Using high-precision positioning technology and an innovative matching mechanism, beQ makes sure that you no longer miss those waiting opportunities. Suddenly, people in our surroundings are visible to us. Whether it’s business contacts or just new people. Anytime, indoors or outdoors, but most important of all: always a perfect match.

beQ also sets high standards in other ways. beQ is an STO-driven startup with a blockchain-based funding model which gives everyone the opportunity to be part of this great tech revolution coming from Europe. We are currently going through the last phase of official checks and certifications so that we comply with the stringent legal and technological requirements which go hand-in-hand with beQ’s future-oriented financing and investment model. Parallel to this development we are already holding talks with international partners from the fields of business and technology to agree strategic partnerships.