No more missed opportunities!

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A world of possibilities is waiting for you.

With beQ, a world of possibilities opens up around you. You can discover exciting people, places, and things within close proximity, establish contact and find the hidden treasures that real life holds for you everywhere. No more missed opportunities! That's the idea we started with and the realisation of which we work towards with maximum commitment. In more and more cities and in an increasing number of places (venues), we are creating the foundation for the use of beQ. The offer is becoming broader every day.

Now, you can finally enter this new dimension of communicating. The first beta version of beQ is available in the App Store and on Google Play. Look at the roadmap below. It shows you which features are planned within the coming months.

A life of possibilities is waiting for you. Be a part of it!


What is beQ?

beQ is your personal scout for people, places and exciting things. As an early bird, experience how an idea combined with an innovative technological approach becomes an app that will change your life. From the data you provide, beQ can deduce and predict who and what is exciting for you and proactively show it to you.

For example, beQ introduces people with the same interests and preferences. You can see the strength of matching interests and decide if you want to get in touch. Which is easy, by the way: You simply send a poke and then nothing more stands in the way of a real life encounter.


How does beQ work?

beQ combines high-precision, innovative positioning technologies with semantic functions and shows you exciting places (venues) in the vicinity on a clear, modern map mode. beQ determines the relevance of the locations for you and offers you a preview function.

You can see if friends or people of interest to you are in the locations. You also have interesting offers on the screen before you decide to visit a location. When entering the location, you can see people of interest to you and establish contact with them. Events are displayed separately. A great feature, especially at large events within the scope of fairs, conferences and conventions!


V1.0 | End Q4_2019

V1.5 | End Q4_2020

V2.0 | End Q2_2021

A life of possibilities is waiting for you. Take part!

The beQ mobile applications for iOS (Apple TestFlight) and for Android (Google Play Early Access) are available.
In the future, you will be automatically informed if an updated version is available for download.

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  • Automatic checkout from venues
  • Displaying active users in venues
  • Various bug fixing
  • Optimised login speed and in the app
  • More accurate positioning of the users markers
  • Support for multi-level venues
  • Improved handing of required system settings (bluetooth, GPS, network)
  • Improved handling of missing network connection
  • Improved display of venues with contact / matches and improved display of avatars for contacts and matches
  • Various bug fixing
  • Adjusted terms and privacy
  • Customised Privacy Notice and Terms of Use
  • Improved and faster location
  • Better text readability
  • Improved error processing
  • Greater accuracy with the positioning display
  • English is the default language

Have fun testing the latest beQ versions!

You want your venue or your event to be visible on beQ?

Parallel to the release of the app, we launched a broadly based "beQ City" marketing initiative and in order to make “beQ-ready”, we started measuring venues (locations with their spatial conditions) in various cities and regions in Europe. Venue operators and event organisers, who want to be visible on beQ as soon as possible and want to have their offers displayed, please contact